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BGM marketing and marketing management. No more runnin ‘down the wrong road. Dancin’to a diff’rent drum (Michel Mcdonald Sweet freedom).

BGM stands for De Bruyn Gonzalez Marketing Management. A consulting firm that helps companies to achieve their targets towards more growth, revenue and profit.

With extensive knowledge of many different types of companies and experience with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) we give, on the basis of a strategic analysis of your internal organization and the markets in which you are active, customized and industry-relevant advice in order for you to be able to achieve the above targets.

Our experience at home and abroad has given us the insight to be able to point our clients in the right direction so that they are then able to begin a new business cycle.

You are probably fully aware what it is that may be causing  stagnant growth and disappointing earnings but are in doubt on how to turn the tide. It could be that you are contemplating tapping into new markets, in which case an independent third party’s view on matters can relieve one of doubt.  A face to face conversation with a marketing professional, who thinks along and understands the complexities of strategic issues, is often the solution.

We strive to help, so please feel free to contact us, without any obligation by calling: 0348 448900 or 06 38559746

Clients from all over the world have expressed their satisfaction with BGM and consider Bruyn Gonzalez Marketing Management an excellent marketing partner.

Here follow some appraisals from our clients:


Jaap van Ewijk Cooper who has followed a marketing plan developed by BGM: “We are very pleased with BGM and their involvement has led to much success.